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This was the footage that Ventress and 4-A7 gathered—a recording on the Jedi manhandling the child though Skywalker discussed his typical distaste for Hutts. The data was despatched to Dooku on Tatooine, who instructed his apprentice that she was now to Recuperate the Huttlet and return him to Jabba. The objective to Solid the Jedi as treacherous enemies with the Hutt clan and also the Confederacy as an ally to Jabba and his family was profitable, and Jabba agreed to join the Confederacy if Ventress returned his son unharmed.[twelve]

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The 2 remaining Skywalker and Dooku about the bridge and rushed towards the brig, the place they identified Vos, who experienced Evidently been tortured and starved all through his imprisonment. Kenobi released Vos from his constraints, but Ventress sensed a deep and lingering darkness within just her previous lover. Even though the Jedi prisoner tried to explain that he experienced only attacked her on Serenno to fool Dooku into wondering he experienced joined the dark side, Ventress refused to consider him and rather insisted that she could continue to sense Vos's hatred and he was irredeemably misplaced towards the dark side. The assertion startled Kenobi, as he sensed no these kinds of darkness in his Jedi comrade. His tries to calm Ventress failed along with the Dathomirian attacked her former lover, proclaiming that he could only be free through the dim facet in Demise. Kenobi jumped to Vos's defense, and the two dueled briefly even though the freed prisoner tried to flee the melee.

After she pulled him in to the restrooms—ostensibly for intercourse—Vos emerged from hiding and subdued the Falleen. The hunters pumped the soldier for info on the Pyke hostages before knocking him out and heading in direction of the criminals' fortress. They managed to infiltrate the seriously-guarded Black Sunlight base by an exposed balcony outcropping and entered the facility's jail cells, the place they discovered Krim's young children.[two]

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Ventress also shown sizeable talent in unarmed combat, notably having the ability to quickly struggle a gaggle of Nightbrothers when she was seeking a acceptable servant on Dathomir.[4] Her hand-to-hand battle abilities had been later on shown when she fought Savage Opress and Darth Maul alongside Obi-Wan Kenobi, dodging Opress's intense blows and striking back again by using a flurry of punches and kicks until Kenobi returned her lightsaber to her.[27] Guiding the scenes

She sooner or later labored with Kenobi and Skywalker to rescue Vos, but months of torture at Dooku’s hand had turned him for the darkish aspect. Although Ventress sensed his fall, Vos refused to think his possess darkness and was once again sent to destroy Dooku via the Jedi Council. She joined him on this remaining mission, but it was fulfilled with failure when Vos gave himself absolutely into the dark aspect. Ventress reluctantly assisted Vos and Dooku in fleeing from Jedi pursuit but refused to embrace the dim facet once more. As a substitute, she sacrificed herself when Dooku tried to get rid of Vos with Pressure lightning by absorbing the blast to guard her lover. Her Loss of life last but not least inspired Vos to renounce the dark aspect and he or she was honored for her sacrifice through the Jedi Council. Ventress' entire body was afterwards laid to relaxation within the waters of her clan’s village on Dathomir.

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When she continued the look for the Jedi during the monastery, Ventress was educated by her droids that Republic reinforcements experienced arrived. Recognizing the need to accelerate her ideas, she requested her fighters and droids to interact the new Republic forces and purchase her enough time to complete the mission. She shortly discovered the Jedi seeking to flee from a rear landing pad, but their astromech droid R2-D2 sealed a blast doorway before her, halting her advance. Ventress commenced slicing in the barrier though dwarf spider droids climbing the mesa down below hammered the exterior System with blaster fire. By the time she produced it outside the house, Skywalker was nowhere to get found; Ventress and the new Padawan Tano engaged in a short duel, though the Dathomirian quickly overpowered the Togruta and threw her to the bottom.

Though she not sensed a darkish-sided malevolence in him, she knew he had rejoined the Jedi Purchase and yet again accepted their vows of non-attachment. Vos, who was nevertheless committed to Ventress and unwilling to Enable her move from his life, insisted that he would go away the Purchase within the around potential, but only following aiding the Council defeat Dooku. Towards her suspicions, Ventress recognized the promise and the two resumed their affair.[two]

Ventress was assigned to guard the prisoners for the final leg of their journey aboard the tram, during which time Pluma Sodi tried to attract her much better mother nature, explaining that she had been ripped faraway from her family and home. Ventress sympathized While using the younger female, but nonetheless meant to make the shipping and collect half the bounty till Fett exposed that she would only get a small Minimize although he would obtain The bulk share. Ventress lost persistence Using the youthful hunter all through their argument and grabbed him in the Power choke—a Show that stunned Fett. Obtaining been swayed by Sodi and displeased by Fett, Ventress decided to produce another cargo to Otua Blank. She sure and gagged Fett and stowed him away during the cargo box that had Formerly held Pluma Sodi and shipped the container on her very own to Otua Blank at his fortress, accumulating an important bounty of unmarked credits in the client.

The existence of a security breach was realized with the generals as well as their lieutenants right after getting classified intelligence within the memory in the captured T-sequence tactical droid TJ-fifty five. Slick figured out in their discovery and informed Ventress which the Jedi were being heading at the rear of enemy strains to search for info on the breach; he In the meantime went into hiding in the Republic foundation even though arranging to sabotage its munitions depot.[11]

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